Version 2.15

Equipment and service unit action models - instructions - service restart scripts



In summary

In this version, approximately 25 functional, technical and corrective changes have been made.
This update will be deployed on 02/06 at 8pm. This operation will last a maximum of 60 minutes.
Connection to the application will not be possible during this period.
The monitoring service (notification, data collection) will not be impacted at all.

You will find below the details of this new version.



Web App

    • Action models for equipment and unit services : automatic triggering of actions on equipment and unit services on change of state
    • Addition of two more fields Documentation and Instruction on the configuration detail sheet for a piece of equipment and a unit service

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Action script: restart of Windows service
  • Action script: restart of Linux service
  • Action script: insert a generic format entry into a external syslog
  • Addition in the existing email notification of a link allowing to go to a processing instruction. This link is defined at the equipment or unit service level.

New service models :

  • Not applicable

Viadéis™ Services Agent

  • Not applicable



Web App

  • Not applicable

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Not applicable


  • Various improvements on the configuration parser Nagios

Service Templates

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