Version 2.2

news and improvements




Web :

  • Generation of the Viadéis™ Services Box configuration: new interface
  • Production of a Viadéis™ Services Box: automation of network configuration and website attachment
  • New "Criticality" field in service templates, with inheritance of the value of this field for the unit services created
  • Administration: logging of configuration actions by the user Viadéis™ Services, with search and consultation interface

Viadéis™ Agent Services

  • Completely new installation program based on FlexeraSoftware's InstallShield technology
  • All modes of communication via proxy are now supported for the service. refresher Viadéis™ Agent Services; network configuration is to be indicated at the time of installation.
  • Verification of communication to the update service at the time of installation

New service templates :

  • Ability to test network connectivity by pinging in service probe mode
  • Antivirus TrendMicro WorryFree/OfficeScan check for updates
  • Audit of warranties/extensions of warranty on HP manufacturer site
  • Yosemite Server Backup (HP Data Protector Express)
  • DELL - servers: RAID health status, hardware
  • Symantec BESR: support for 2011 version


Viadéis™ Services Box

  • During the survey, discovery of network interfaces and partitions on equipment supporting MIB II SNMP (Windows, Linux/Unix servers, active network equipment), and automated deployment of the corresponding probes. Census functionality is currently available for Viadéis™ Services Boxes dedicated to a customer
  • RemoteOperationBox V2 : Message-oriented transactional dialog between Viadéis™ Services Box and Website The following features are available: reduced bandwidth usage on the client side (-20%), integrity check and recovery in the event of long-term unavailability of the network or components, rapidity of configuration or control orders (+80%)
  • Production of a Viadéis™ Services Box : automation of network configuration and website connection

New service templates :

  • HP Procurve hardware
  • Quantum-ScalarI80 standing
  • Quantum-DXI6700 : status, memory consumption, swap consumption
  • Ability to test network connectivity by pinging in service probe mode
  • MITEL supervision of the alarm level of the telephony server
  • Tape Library Dell TL4000 standing
  • Juniper - SSL gateway: CPU, swap, memory, log file, disk consumption
  • FC Switches IBM/Brocade global status, hardware components, port status
  • Acronis backup status
  • EMC - CX/AX storage bays: CPU consumption, disk status, cache status, faults, port status
  • DELL PowerConnect overall status
  • DELL - storage bays MD 3xxx overall status
  • NetApp : temperature, power, NVRAM battery, volume utilization, NMDP sessions, global status, disk status, fans, enclosure, CPU
  • Application Apache/Tomcat
  • Antivirus TrendMicro WorryFree/OfficeScan check for updates



Web :

  • Inventory module: different positioning in the interface, export, delete, sort and multi-column search functions, both on the hardware inventory and on the software inventory of the park
  • Enhanced case list view - added version information
  • Time Frieze: when no supervision data is displayed, the time frieze displays an indeterminate status by default.
  • Technical operation - hiding the description field when it is empty
  • Displaying in the detail record of a unit service its category
  • Administration - remove the configuration option for acknowledged events
  • Administration - rename the game Home page in Dashboards
  • Integration with Viadéis™ CRM: redesign of the interface: choice between creating a ticket or simply paying for it
  • Integration with Viadéis™ CRM: company name Viadéis™ CRM in the ticket creation form on the Viadéis™ Services side
  • Integration with Viadéis™ CRM : parent inheritance <-> site of the links " companies in the CRM
  • Visibility of the Viadéis™ Services Box when generating the configuration: the configuration of a piece of equipment or a unit service can only be carried out by a user with rights to the Viadéis™ Services Box.
  • Configuration: removal of the duplication action of the boxes
  • Logging of connections from Viadéis™ users Database services
  • Reporting: reducing the size of performance reports
  • Technical operation: remove the "stop/start notifications and controls" options from the Actions menu.
  • Configuration of a unit service: initialization and display of data from service templates
  • Configuring a unit service: displaying the description of the service model

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Using a partition in RAM for Nagios status files to reduce the number of I/O disks
  • MS-WIN-Services-Not-Started probe model insensitive to breakage
  • HP MSA 2012: SA technology supervision
  • Acknowledgement notification: indication of the user who has acknowledged the status


Web :

  • RemoteOperationBox V2 no more loss of performance data
  • Sales follow-up: the selection remains active when you switch from the customer tab to the site tab.
  • From the dashboard Hosts and service categoriesYou can select the action Remote Access
  • Deletion of reporting elements is now possible under Chrome
  • The filters between service weather and technical operations are now independent
  • The page display Event logs is functional
  • Problem viewing performance graphs under IE8
  • Multi-client report configuration popup windows do not work under IE8
  • The sort order of the dashboard by service category is not by status and seniority.
  • Service weather: display error
  • Cannot change the profile of an LDAP user
  • Inventory - display error when negative values are present
  • Contact group - contact not added in the configuration if it is not linked to any equipment/service
  • Commercial follow-up > companies: in the company details, the button Delete doesn't work
  • Configuration > Supervision account: bad generation of the configuration for an optional supervision account
  • Delete the section of the means of sending for the report State of the park current
  • Incorrect display of unavailabilities greater than 9h6min in the unavailability list
  • Cannot delete a contact even if it is inactive
  • Service duplication: protection of supervision accounts is not duplicated


VS Box :

Service Models :

  • Large disk sizes (> 4TB) are correctly wound up (no more negative number display)
  • Number and age of files on Windows machine: modification of the plug-in output when no file is found.
  • Linux: memory consumption excludes cached memory
  • DELL PowerEdge: corrections
  • Problem running the Share-Dispo service model when the password contains special characters

VS Agent :

  • The etrust plugin takes into account the installation language of the eTrust software

Service Templates

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