Version 2.21

Report customization - patches


In summary

Version 2.21 is a consolidation version of the Web Application Viadéis™ Services around the report templates and some fixes.

In this version, approximately 50 functional evolutions, technical evolutions and patches have been realized.

This update will be deployed on Viadéis Services SaaS on 17/12 at 8pm. This operation will last a maximum of 60 minutes.
Connection to the application will not be possible during this period.
The supervision service (notification, data collection) will not be impacted.

You will find below the details of this new version.



Web App
Not applicable.

Viadéis™ Services Box
Not applicable.

Viadéis™ Services Agent
Not applicable.



Web App
[Configuration][Commands] Modification of a label in the check_backupExec_sql command
[Configuration][Service model] comment to correct on ORACLE-redolog-switch-interval service model
[Configuration][Reporting] Modify the "Peak Time Service Consumption Tracking" template for custom integration
[Deployment] Various improvements to the deployment tool
[Deployment] Summary
[Importing configuration] Tool improvements
[Integration][Ticketing] Mismo Atheneo
[Reporting] " performance analysis " Integrate new report
[Reporting] "performance analysis" to carry the current RPTDESIGN
[Reporting] "Monitoring of service consumption at peak time" modify the reporting period in the interface
[Reporting][Performance Analysis] graph by unit service
[Reporting][Tracking of service consumption at peak time] carry the current RPTDESIGN
[Supervision][Ergonomics] Submenu retract arrow: lack of visibility
[Dell Warranty] DELL Onsite Warranty Extension Collection - do not include Digital Delivery Service

Viadéis™ Services Box
Optimization of network information collection performance

Viadéis™ Services Agent
Not applicable.

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