Version 2.22

Support Features - ServiceNav - report fixes


In summary

Version 2.22 takes into account the name change of the ServiceNav application, introduces the first functionalities on the support module around the technical team - end customer profiles, and corrects the availability report.

In this version, approximately 60 functional evolutions, technical evolutions and patches have been realized. This update will be deployed on ServiceNav SaaS on 02/02 at 8pm. This operation will last a maximum of 60 minutes.

Connection to the application will not be possible during this period.
The supervision service (notification, data collection) will not be impacted.

You will find below the details of this new version.



Web App

[Support] Access the SIG_DAF dashboard
[Support] Add comments on Request form - GIS A and DAF / CPR and RT DAF
[Support] Action consultation - GIS A
[Support] Action consultation - SIG DAF
[Support] Consultation of an Action following a click on the schedule
[Support] Consult the list of Actions planned for my Company on a schedule display
[Support] View the details of the next Planned Action
[Support] View details of a GIS request DAF/GIS A
[Support] View related actions in the Request list
[Support] View my open requests by SLA criticality
[Support] View a list filtered by keyword - RPC RT/ET/DAF/SIG A
[Support] View a list filtered by gross status RPC RT/ET/DAF/SIG DAF/SIG A
[Support] View/Screen Action List - GIS A
[Support] View/Filter Action List - DAF MIS
[Support] DAF/GIS Application Creation A
[Support] Management of gradient modes on support/synthesis menu
[Support] Role management on extranet merge
[Support] User management - Ability to link to a "GIS user" in CRM
[Support] Mobility - SIG CRM Profile Management
[Support] SIG A / SIG DAF : Access to the support menu
[Support] GIS A: List of Requests - display only the requests within its scope of visibility
[Support] GIS A: Company search should be partitioned by user's sector and organization only
[Support] CFO MIS: The search for companies must be partitioned by the sector and organization (sites and sub-sites) of the user
[Support] DAF MIS: List of requests - display only the requests in its visibility area

Viadéis™ Services Box
Not applicable.

Viadéis™ Services Agent
Not applicable.



Web App

[Administration][Mobility] Change icons and slapshreen
[Administration][Mobility] Change default connection url
[Administration][Mobility] Replace the name Viadeis Services by ServiceNav in the About page
[Administration] A user can change their login page in their profile
[Configuration][Supervisor account][MySQL] login port
[Census][Map] Temporarily remove mapping
[Reporting] [Availability] Left alignment for user service names in the overview table
[Reporting] Add annual period to "Peak hour service consumption monitoring" report
[Reporting] Add the weekly period to the "Peak Service Consumption Monitoring" report
[Reporting] Availability Analysis: Change in Total Unavailability
[Reporting] Remove the "From" field from report templates

Viadéis™ Services Box
[Box] Improve the management of the remoteOperationBox initialization queue

Viadéis™ Services Agent
Not applicable.

Service Templates

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