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Viadéis™ Agent Services

New service templates :

  • MS Windows Event Id Status: check event logs by id and input type

Viadéis™ Services Box

New service templates :

  • HP P4000
    • HP P4000 cluster - pending operations on volume
    • HP P4000 cluster - quorum status
    • HP P4000 cluster - full volume
    • HP P4000 cluster - iSCSI volume sessions
    • HP P4000 cluster - volume replication status
    • HP P4000 host inventory
    • HP P4000 node - BPS cache state
    • HP P4000 node - cache state
    • HP P4000 node - fan state
    • HP P4000 node - network device state
    • HP P4000 node - power supply state
    • HP P4000 node - raid state
    • HP P4000 node - storage devices (disks) presence
    • HP P4000 node - storage devices (disks) SMART status
    • HP P4000 node - storage devices (disks) temperature
    • HP P4000 node - temperature
  • Netasq
    • Monitoring the availability status of a Netasq cluster
  • MS Windows Event Id Status: check event logs by id and input type



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Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Service model ESX Hardware: Probe modification

Viadéis™ Agent Services

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  • Census: adding network interfaces according to their name with functional "/".
  • Configuration: fixed the problem found when generating service arguments when these arguments were reordered in the database.


Viadéis™ Services Box :

  • Service Template Windows File Check: fixed error when an optional argument is not filled in
  • IBM-xSeries-EventLog returns an UNKNOWN status when it fails to retrieve information.
  • HyperV - WMI Host State Returns an UNKNOWN status when the check is rejected by the equipment.

Viadéis™ Services Agent :

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