Version 2.5

new and improved



  • 2 new dashboard templates: equipment map and user service
  • Sound notification for the two new dashboard models

Viadéis™ Services Box

New service models :

  • Veeam Backup Replication Monitoring of VM replication status by Veeam Backup
  • Veeam Backup Replication Jobs Veeam Backup : supervision of Veeam Backup replication jobs
  • Kaspersky Antivirus v8 Enterprise Kaspersky 8.0 anti-virus update status for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition




  • Limiting the size of the company tree in the menu to facilitate navigation
  • The creation of a company has been simplified
  • Display the duration of a user service's status in its details window
  • Inventory: user display
  • Company Themes Configuration: Check the file characteristics before uploading



Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Improving the operation of census mapping

Viadéis™ Services Agent

  • Evolution of the management of agent configuration files


  • Inventory: warranty tracking at the following manufacturers' sites: Fujitsu, Dell, IBM/Lenovo
  • Inventory: the inventory analysis list is not displayed when the partition information is wrong
  • Management of manufacturers' warranties: correction of the web service operation
  • Configuration: parent-child relationships disappear after mass modification
  • Event logs: no visibility on equipment at the same time as services
  • Configuration : impossible to act with the arrows as for a select field
  • Configuration: impossible to modify the configuration in mass when there are too many selected items
  • Administration: problem when validating the themes tab of a company configuration
  • Census: does not work if a VMware account is inherited from the supervisory accounts
  • Remove IE 9 compatibility mode for new IE 10 and IE 11 browsers

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Exchange 2007 2010 2013 mailbox quota monitoring with Powershell not working
  • Fixed the operation of eVault JobStatus

Service Templates

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