Version 2.7.1

new and improved


Viadéis™ Services Box

New service models :

  • Generic Windows WMI meter probe - probes for specific products will be derived from this generic model by configuration
  • Microsoft SQL Server: analysis of the result of a SQL query by comparison with the expected number of rows
  • MS Lync: collection of the number of sessions by type
  • MS Lync: collection of the number of users, and the number of connections
  • MS Lync: collection of number of users, number of unique users
  • MS Lync: collecting user activity
  • MS Lync: collecting service activity
  • HP MSA 2312c storage array monitoring
  • Search for multi-criteria messages in a mailbox folder on an IMAP server (SSL connection, classic connection)
  • VMWare: service monitoring on an ESXi host with service exclusion list
  • VMWare: monitoring a list of services on an ESXi host
  • Microsoft: monitoring a service list on a Microsoft Windows OS
  • Microsoft DPM 2010 and 2012: monitoring backups to disk

Viadéis™ Services Agent

New service models :

  • Veeam Backup: monitoring VM replication status
  • Veeam Backup: monitoring replication job status

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Multi-OS storage probe: support for values above 32 bits in SNMP v1
  • IBM Lotus Domino probes: modification of OID values in probes
  • Windows event log analysis probe: take into account spaces in the event log name
  • GLOBAL-SNMP-OID probe: accept an alert threshold above a critical threshold
  • Temperature sensor on Fujitsu servers: enable sensor exclusion list
  • DELL server temperature sensor: add a timeout argument
  • [Notification] add the equipment category in the email notification template
  • [Supervisory Accounts] - no longer check the "User Name" field
  • Configuring samba to not participate in elections: mass modification of Viadéis™ Services Box of the park
  • Added a scan command for datastore monitoring from VMWare vCenter

Web App

  • [User Service] location-related display problem in the configuration of an availability report
  • [User Service] error in the title of the details record (location)
  • [Reporting] the category Other has no associated wording
  • [Reporting] Anomaly when entering custom dates
  • [Reporting] The footer of the availability report no longer correctly displays the 
  • [Technical operation] status of the supervised equipment in critical agent mode but the unit services have not changed status
  • [Technical operation] filtering problem via status summary
  • [Service Templates] typographical corrections to Windows scheduled task arguments
  • [Service Weather] Unable to open the pop-up detail of a unit service from the dependencies tab
  • [Dashboard] search result message wrong due to location
  • [Inventory] Disappearance of the "Software launched at startup" display in the equipment details sheet
  • [ Control model ] Equipment - Notification interval - Nagios configuration fixes
  • Consideration of planned unavailability at configuration
  • LDAP connection: unable to create an LDAP user

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Incorrect return code from VDISK status check probe on P2000
  • Incorrect return code from VDISK status check probe on HP FC2012
  • Mail server: IMAP quota monitoring via SSL connection
  • Mail server: IMAP quota monitoring via standard, unsecured connection
  • DiskIO collection probe: correction on the data returned by the Windows Disk IO probe (Kbytes/s in reading and writing)
  • Watchguard probes: use standard port 161 by default when not specified in the probe configuration
  • Probe for regular expressions in text files under Linux - bug fixes
  • Compatibility of all probes using WINEXE with windows 2012 R2



Viadéis™ Services Agent

  • ShadowProtect v5 backup supervision - creation of the database command
  • Veeam Backup: monitoring of VM backup status - correction to the description of the "Scheduling" argument
  • Veeam Backup: monitoring of backup jobs status - correction of the "Scheduling" argument description
  • [Notification] [Agent] Agent CRITICAL notifications no longer work

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