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Mobile App

Viadéis™ Services simplifies the life of nomadic IT technicians. Manage your interventions on site while keeping an eye on the status of your supervised IT assets. Be reactive with notifications PUSH on critical problems or on new interventions that are assigned to you. Save time by signing the work order directly from the application! It will be automatically sent to your customer. Too much information and notifications? Focus on the essentials, by defining your personalized dashboard and selecting your notifications.

With the Viadéis™ Services mobile app, you can:

  • Access in real time to the status of the computer park under your responsibility,
  • View the status of your customer requests at a glance,
  • Manage your interventions (update, closing, ...),
  • Have your customer sign the work order and send it by email,
  • Create an incident ticket,
  • Receive push notifications on information system issues,
  • Receive push notifications when an intervention is assigned,
  • Get a geo-localized overview of your closest customers,
  • Carry out free searches (customers, user services, equipment, interventions, contacts, ...)

It requires for the scenario ticketing the product Viadéis™ CRM The Viadéis™ Services mobile app is available on the Google Play Store.


Web App

  • Equipment control modelsThanks to these models, it is possible to configure the control mode of a device: number of ping requests, RTA duration, alert/critical thresholds for timeout, alert/critical thresholds for packet loss tolerance
  • [Weather Services] Allow the creation of cloud-based user services for companies
  • [Integration] creation of tickets and park synchronization with the software GLPI
  • Web Services to implement the connection with the mobile app on the scenarios supervision and ticketing
  • Implementation of PUSH notification in the back office
  • [Inventory] Inventory for an out-of-domain network (workgroup) operational in all modes (agent, box)
  • [Dashboard] New Model Mobility
  • [Dashboard] New Model List of statutes

Viadéis™ Services Box

New service models :

  • Analysis of text files for regular expressions, under Windows and Linux technologies
  • ShadowProtect v5 Backup Monitoring
  • Microsoft SQL Server Job Supervision
  • Microsoft SQL Server audit table analysis (specific table format)
  • Supervision of backups performed by backup-manager
  • Mail server: IMAP quota monitoring via SSL connection
  • Mail server: IMAP quota monitoring via standard, unsecured connection

Viadéis™ Services Agent

New service models :

  • ShadowProtect v5 Backup Monitoring

Web App

  • [Enclosure] Mandatory IP field in the enclosure configuration form
  • [Contact] Modification of the configuration sheet to take into account the notifications of type PUSH
  • [User Service] Merge field Additional information with the field Description
  • [User Service] Modification of the configuration sheet to take into account the notifications of type PUSH
  • [Inventory] Adding to the equipment list and exporting to CSV format the operating system license numbers
  • [Equipment] Moving equipment from one site to another
  • [Equipment] Merge of the status INJOIGNABLE/UNKNOWN on the equipment in the interface
  • [Profile] Modification of the RPC_RT_VALUE profile to access the inventory configuration
  • [Profile] Role hierarchy - creating roles and topologies for mobility
  • [Ticket] Correction of the format of the date and time displayed when creating a ticket by integration
  • Font Awesome Upgrade to 4.0
  • [Service model] HTTP templates: metric categories defined, service model categories defined
  • [Notification] Typing of notification commands: Mail / SMS / Push

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • Notifications - Adding a log on the boxes
  • Support for a service argument value containing a semicolon
  • Character management  in the arguments of a service
  • Linux partition monitoring service: special characters used in regular expressions are supported



Web App

  • [Company] It is now possible to delete a company if it is subscribed to cloud services
  • [Contact] Error when deleting contact groups
  • Checks on database element insertion requests
  • [Census] Adding interfaces by name works when it contains the character '
  • [Census] Evolution of the mapping script to avoid errors on equipment for which the MIB is unknown
  • [Census] When adding network interfaces from the census the time slot is selected
  • [Census] Impossible to delete a Viadéis™ Services Box in the interface following a census
  • [Equipment] Correction of the display of the availability rate in the record of an equipment
  • [Dashboard] Display the configuration update window in the dashboard page when necessary
  • [Dashboard] When the page loads, the name displayed is the default dashboard name
  • [User Service] Display of the wrong availability target in the list of user services (module Configuration)
  • [User Service] Display special and accented characters in user service email notifications
  • [User Service] Display of the availability time range when opening the user service record
  • [Technical Operation] Date Update Upcoming planning when the configuration is reloaded
  • [Information system] Filters in the search fields of the event logs are copied to the search fields of the technical evaluation
  • [Commercial follow-up][Company] The company name is limited to 45 characters
  • [Commercial follow-up][Company] Error messages when inserting sound fields
  • [Commercial Tracking][Company] The position indicator on the geolocation window appears completely
  • [Business Tracking][Company] Chrome full screen mode
  • [Commercial follow-up][Company] Behaviour on closing the detail window
  • [Commercial follow-up][Company] Impossibility of geolocation due to mixed http/https content
  • [Commercial follow-up] Unable to link a company with an external connection to a CRM system with a defined sector

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • HP Procurve: Interface status sensor output correction
  • Printer consumable levels: change in performance data
  • VMware-ESX-NetUsage: validation on data feedback
  • Disk probe: output message from the probe when the alert/critical thresholds are equal
  • Box health probe: RabbitMQ support on Ubuntu 12.0.4
  • HP P6000: works when the field system name contains the character -
  • IBM DS 4000 - controller status: correction on data collection
  • IBM DS 4000 - drive status: status collection independent of firmware level
  • IBM DS 4000 - logical volume status: collects status independent of firmware level
  • IBM DS 4000 - drive channels status: status collection independent of firmware level
  • IBM DS 4000 - perfs: IO data collection on several firmware versions
  • Veeam Backup: change format and output code when job name does not exist
  • Microsoft SQL Server, free space analysis probe: changing the output message in case of database access problems
  • HP SAN MSA: additional argument timeout
  • HP Procurve CPU: changing the output state
  • MS-WIN-FolderSize : functional control on Viadéis™ Services Box of Ubuntu 12.0.4 version



Viadéis™ Services Agent

  • Veeam Backup: optional argument support Job

Service Templates

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