Version 2.9.1

Maintenance mode


Web App

  • Added maintenance mode allowing to declare a maintenance for a whole site/company or by element (equipment and unit service). This mode replaces the planned unavailability functionality. The user will be able to choose if the request comes from the partner or the customer and if the maintenance time should be excluded from the availability calculations. The availability rates of equipment, unit services and service weather will no longer be impacted by the time spent in maintenance.
  •  Send the maintenance appointment invitation (.ics) directly to the speakers!
  •  You are warned if one or more maintenances are in progress when you connect to the application or when they start.
  • The dashboards are no longer impacted by the elements under maintenance, so fewer unnecessary alerts?

Viadéis™ Services Box

New service models :

  • [Plug-in] DELL blade chassis monitoring

Web App

  • [Technical Operation] Schedule an immediate check with one click directly from the item line
  • [Dashboard] Evolution of the status of a company to take into account the maintenance
  • [HMI] Upgrade to version 4.2.0 of Font Awesome
  • [GUI] Evolution of notification pop-ups (bottom right ?

Web App

  • [Service Weather] Loops in user services impact their notifications
  • [Configuration] Unable to delete a contact
  • [Web Services] Correction of retrieved performance data
  • [Web Services] Error when creating a ticket without associated contactless service

Viadéis™ Services Box

  • [Plug-in] The check_nrpe does not work on Ubuntu 12.04 monitoring boxes
  • [Plug-in] CISCO-SWITCH-Ram : division by zero problem
  • [Plug-in] HP P4000 Controls: Changing the temperature sensors
  • [Plug-in] Kaspersky-KAV-v8-update: problem with date formatting
  • [Plug-in] MS-WIN-ServicesList-Started: does not support a service that includes '$' in its name

Viadéis™ Services Agent

  • [Plug-in] Fix a-check-trendmicro-worryfree-update command

Service Templates

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