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Network Analysis" widget

Unleash the power of service models NetworkAnalysis-NetFlow-TOPList and NetworkAnalysis-sFlow-TOPList.

Designed to work in symbiosis with these service models, the widget Network Analysis allows an accurate analysis of network flows, and an efficient detection of bottlenecks.

Haven't implemented these controls in your environment yet? Let one of our expert consultants guide you step by step:

Use cases : You are an application manager or a network administrator, and wish to detect and treat efficiently the bottlenecks between your different application bricks, in order to improve the quality of the service rendered, and thus the user experience.


Census - evolution of the orders called during the setting in supervision

During the census of a device in SNMP v2/v3, during the supervision, the service models applied are now based on the census protocol used.

Use cases During the census, to make the supervision of SNMP v2/v3 devices more qualitative and faster, by using service models dedicated to the protocol used.


Action Model: Call URL Service

The models of action are very useful to automatically restart a service, or run a script on a device, when it or one of its services change status.

We enhance this functionality with the Call URL Service model, which allows the call of a URL (GET or POST), to which it is possible to pass variables ServiceNav.

This model is also highly customizable (URL called, triggering state(s), triggering during maintenance, ...)

Use cases CRITICAL status: when a service is set to CRITICAL status, the URL of the webservice of an orchestration tool is called, with the information related to the equipment, the service, and the current alert.

This call triggers the creation of a ticket, the dialing of an on-call number, and corrective actions on the equipment. Without human intervention.


User account - autonomous password change

The password can now be changed directly in the application, by the user, by accessing the user preferences menu.

Service Models

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