Reporting and management of IT KPIs

Prepare quickly
your steering committees, and make them even more effective

5% of your preparation time to produce the report,
95% to prepare the improvement plan!

Deliver on
your IT promise

An ideal feature for preparing information system performance reviews. With its numerous report templates, you can build your monitoring report in an instant, focusing on the analysis. And to save more time, you can automate its distribution and sending frequency.

Reports of availability
of IT services

Set up your monthly IT report

This simple and effective report displays all the data of your computer park, reports the various alerts over a given period, and identifies the elements that are malfunctioning.

This supervision report can be configured at the level of a group of equipment and/or services and for one or more given companies.

of the computer park

A state of your computer park, in an instant.

The report automatically generates a number of contents that give you a global representation of your IS.

Park Details
Availability analysis
Performance analysis
Current condition of the fleet

face-to-face reports


Analyze alerts in a continuous improvement process

  • Identify the supervised objects generating the most alerts per period
  • Effortlessly identify the least available services, the components involved.
  • Deal with recurring alerts, either by making a change in the information system or by adjusting the control policy.

components in need of repair

Make the right decision, and factualize your investments.

Identify overloaded or oversized resources. Completely generic, this report will be indispensable to you, whether you are in charge of network links, server-storage infrastructure, or IaaS instances in the Cloud. You will truly optimize the use of resources, and therefore their cost.

overload 01


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