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Graphic widget - Developments

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The legend is now displayed in the Chart widget.

It allows to hide the represented threshold(s)

Use cases : In the context of a metric with very high thresholds in relation to the maximum values observed over the period, masking the thresholds makes it possible to adjust the vertical axis and to represent the data with greater precision, which will be less smoothed.

Timeline synchronization

Timelines of charts displayed on the same dashboard are now synchronized.

This feature makes it easier to compare different metrics at the same time.

Use cases : In the context of a fault diagnosis, the use of several synchronized graphs makes it easier to correlate different events, identify the root cause, and significantly reduce the resolution time.

User services - new icons

We refreshed the status icons of the user services, to make them more modern, and in line with the design of the application.

We hope you enjoy them!

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