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Video surveillance

Video surveillance has been around for several years and its impact on our daily lives is constantly increasing. Whether it is for the surveillance of goods or people, for the monitoring of traffic on roads, or at the top of the slopes for resort websites, the proper functioning of cameras is essential. In addition to being switched on and on the network, it is necessary that the whole image processing chain is functional. There is nothing worse than a camera that is working, filming an assault that could not be recorded on a hard drive due to lack of space.

ServiceNav for video surveillance supervision

When setting up a video surveillance system, the most important supervision is of course the supervision of the camera itself: Is it switched on and connected to the network?

Of course, this is not enough to ensure that the entire chain is functional. The IoT does not stop at the final element but the whole chain must be supervised.
In the case of video surveillance, it is also necessary to supervise :
- The network between the camera and the servers,
- Server availability,
- Disk space,
- Registration processes on the servers,
- ....

In some cases, and depending on the IoT hardware, it will be possible via the generic plugins accessing SNMP to get some additional information. In our case the obstruction of the camera, a motion detection, the temperature near the camera, ...

Service weather and MAP to image your supervision

Monitoring, evaluation receiving alerts or the posting ofa list of incidents is a basic part of supervision solutions. However, the visual presentation is a necessity to communicate easily to the end users (DSI, Customers) but also to the technicians who will intervene on the connected objects.

The image setting is thus essential to illustrate a supervision solution, simple lists are no longer enough and mapping modules are essential to any supervision solution.
In ServiceNav, the MAP module is at the heart of dashboards and real-time status communication with quick and easy to create maps.

The case of an airport concourse

After working on the availability of parking entrances and exitsWe worked on the supervision of video surveillance cameras in an airport departure hall:
- Camera supervision (Is the camera switched on?)
- Supervision of each file on the disks (Does my file write well?)
- Supervision of storage and recording servers (Are my processes running smoothly? Do I have enough storage space left?)
- Putting all my network elements under supervision.

Once all the elements were supervised, we were able to create the necessary User Services and then the mapping thanks to the MAP module.

We followed the same methodology as presented in our webinar on the case of the airport parking lot

Supervision of airport parking availability

We were able to provide users with a map of the airport concourse with all the cameras in a very simple and quick way.

In conclusion

The IoT is everywhere, its supervision is essential and the complete chain is often complex.
A mapping module is essential for internal and external communication. Whether technical or functional, a graphical representation is one of the best ways to help diagnose and intervene quickly. Its implementation in a supervision tool such as ServiceNav is therefore obvious.

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