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Capacity Planning or Capacity Management is a major issue for CIOs managing service management.

The objective of Capacity Management is to ensure that IT resources are available at the right time, at the best cost and in sufficient quantity to ensure the quality of service in line with user needs.

The three types of Capacity Management

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) divides capacity management into three sub-processes:

- Capacity Management of Resources (RCM);
- Capacity Management of Services (SCM);
- Capacity Management Business (BCM).

The Resource Capacity Management is to monitor the evolution of the resource utilization rate (processor load, disk space occupation rate, RAM occupancy rate, input and output levels, etc.) in order to anticipate infrastructure adjustments before facing service level degradations or costly overcapacities. The Service Capacity Management measures the performance level of the service (typically response time). The Business Capacity Management focuses on future user needs and the ability to meet them.

ServiceNav for Resource Capacity Management (RCM)

ServiceNav provides a capacity report by service category: the Capacity Analysis Report.

The objective of this report is to identify, over a given period of time, the equipment that consumes the most (overload) or the least (underuse) resources. These resources are defined by a service category (Processor, RAM, Disk, Network Traffic).

With this report, it is for example possible to know all my equipments whose disk capacity is > to 70% or <30%, or all those which have used more than 60% of CPU between 01/01/2018 and 31/01/2018, etc.

It is also possible to display in this report a TOP X of the overloaded or under-used equipments on a particular category.

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