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ServiceNav as a monitoring tool, multi-stakeholder and multi-client allows any service center of an IT or MSP to follow the technical and application issues of all its customers in a single dashboard: a centralized view, focused on customers and their satisfaction.

This view is essential, but for every manager and team in a service center, it is also essential to monitor the activity and the men and women present to deliver support. Of course, this information is already present in the service centers: in the ticketing tool, in the HR tool, thanks to the badge reader...

However, our experience with our clients shows that monitoring the activity is not necessarily easily accessible by the teams and is not often exposed, even though it is a source of motivation and challenge for the team.

How many times in the team open space did I hear my team say, " Come on, before you go, we're at zero tickets not taken care of. "or a Friday from Blitz Support." Big week with 117 open tickets, glad we were able to close more than open ones. .

How to generate this team spirit without having a follow-up of the activity displayed in the open space?

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ServiceNav: A solution for a centralized display of information.

With ServiceNav, thanks to its multiple plugins oriented databases (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, ...) and its new brick DataVizWith the help of the new "Service Center Information Viewer", it is now possible to easily view information on the activity of a service center.

Here, thanks to a set of SQL queries to the ticketing database and the HR database, ServiceNav goes back up every minute:

  • The number of tickets not taken into account.
  • The number of tickets being processed by the support team.
  • The number of tickets currently being processed by the R&D team (for example for requests for evolutions).
  • The number of open and closed tickets during the day and week.
  • The number of resources available for support according to the HR base's schedules and absences.

The set of "Gauge" widgets allows a dynamic and visual display of information to show the dashboard on the screen present in the Service Centre.

With the version 4.1 and the provision of the timed scrolling functionality, it is thus possible to alternate between the customer incident tracking dashboard and the Service Center activity tracking dashboard.

A few words on the implementation

To set up this dashboard, here are some indications.

  • Add an equipment (which usually corresponds to the ticketing tool's server)
  • Add for each element a unitary service with one of the following models (depending on your base)
    • MS-MSSQL-Request-Integer
    • MySQL-DB-Request
    • PostgreSQL-pgsql-custom-query
  • In the DataViz tab, create a dashboard
  • Add a "Gauge" type wiget for each element
  • Choose the equipment and service that feeds back the information to be displayed
  • Choose the metric
  • To display the gauge, leave it at normal size, to display only the figure, switch to reduced mode.
  • Adjust the size of each block.

In a few minutes your dashboard is set up!

Find all the elements for the installation in the here or contact us to talk to a consultant on the subject.

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