Hybrid supervision and infrastructure

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At a time when companies are faced with ever-increasing data flows and security issues, hybrid infrastructures, such as the Hybrid Cloud, appear to be the ideal solution. However, the supervision of this type of infrastructure can become a real headache for IT teams.

The Hybrid Cloud: an ideal solution?

The Hybrid Cloud offers many advantages that are appealing to more and more companies that want to combine security and scalability.

  • The Private Cloud guarantees a maximum level of security for the company's most sensitive data.
  • The Public Cloud allows you to store large amounts of data at lower cost, and to cope with peaks in activity without slowing down applications and services.

The Hybrid Cloud is flexible and adaptable to most businesses. The IT department itself chooses the distribution of applications and data storage between the public and private Cloud. But as with a traditional network, the Hybrid Cloud requires a high level of supervision to ensure that it functions properly.

Supervising hybrid infrastructures: a major challenge for the ISD

By definition, the Hybrid Cloud multiplies the infrastructures to be monitored. The ISD must monitor both its internal network and ensure the proper functioning of applications and data stored in the public Cloud. Conventional monitoring tools do not always provide an overview of the company's hybrid infrastructure. Teams are then forced to multiply the number of monitoring steps, thus losing efficiency and productivity. As a result, they are unable to anticipate possible slowdowns and blockages and are sometimes forced to intervene in an emergency.

To alleviate this problem, which can become a hindrance for the company, the IT Department can turn to a single monitoring platform, integrating and processing both public and private Cloud data. This type of platform provides a complete vision of the network and applications, and enables the IT department to monitor its entire network in a global and proactive manner.

=> ServiceNav: an ideal solution for the supervision of hybrid infrastructures.

The computer supervision software ServiceNav offers optimal visibility of all layers of the information system, whether it is networks, servers, storage, applications or Cloud services. A intuitive solutionThe system is customizable and scalable, adapting to the needs, requirements and constraints of each company.

Our team, expert and passionate, accompanies you in the configuration and deployment of this monitoring solution that will allow you to ensure the continuous operation and performance of your services and applications, whether or not they are hosted in the Cloud. Real-time end-to-end monitoring allows you to make informed decisions based on the entire infrastructure.

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