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In the digital age and with new technologies becoming more and more mobile, companies rely on their IT systems to develop. Messaging, software, applications, data storage and exchange... All businesses are concerned: from accounting to sales management.

To be competitive and efficient, a company must ensure that its computer system is operational and effective. A blockage or a simple slowdown of the network can lead to a loss of turnover and reduce productivity. To address this issue, the IT department must monitor its network on a daily basis and ensure the availability of its IT services. The implementation of a effective supervision becomes essential for the proper functioning of the company.

=> This efficiency is achieved by choosing the right tools that will help the IT department in its daily tasks.

IT monitoring with ServiceNav

ServiceNav is an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-learn solution. Thanks to this tool, the IT department can supervise and monitor all its IT services using a single platform. ServiceNav saves a lot of time on maintenance and monitoring tasks and allows the IT department to focus on the needs of its employees (development of new applications, process optimization...).

The ServiceNav solution generates reports on the monitored elements that are adapted to the various parties involved. Thanks to this data, presented in a clear and concise way, the IT department can make proposals to other departments and work on the constant improvement of the company's IT services.

The mapping of equipment and services: an essential tool for understanding your network

In order to know where and when to intervene to anticipate and/or resolve a malfunction, the IT department must have an overall view of its network and know the interdependencies between its many devices. Having a complete map that can be consulted at a glance is therefore an important asset and saves time and considerable efficiency.

Thanks to ServiceNav's Map module, a complete and graphical dashboard, the IT department can see at a glance :

  • equipment,
  • unit services,
  • user services,
  • the links between these different elements.

This Map module is customizable and can be adapted to the requirements of any business. In addition, the mapping of IT services makes it easy to identify and supervise key points according to the business and needs.

ServiceNav's service weather forecast: an indispensable tool with high added value

As a true player in the company's growth and competitiveness, the IT department must be a full-fledged partner, and not just a maintenance technician. With the right tools, it can be a source of ideas for the company's other departments and businesses.

The service weather of ServiceNav brings to the IT department this added value that will immediately make the difference:

=> Know at a glance and in real time the state of the IT systems and services that depend on them.


Indicates that the services are working properly.


Indicates that the services are degraded.


Indicates that services are unavailable.


Indicates that the status of the services is unknown.

  • Preventive alerts:

Thanks to alerts that take into account the company's business context, the IT department can anticipate problems and malfunctions, and intervene preventively before a serious blockage occurs. Users thus benefit from a unique quality of service that guarantees the proper functioning of their work tools.

  • Smart prioritization:

The service weather report allows you to know in one click which tasks should be treated in priority in order to minimize the impact on users.

These tools guarantee time savings and efficiency for the various teams involved.

Our team, expert and passionate, will accompany you in the configuration and deployment of this monitoring solution that will allow you to ensure the continuous operation and performance of your services and applications. Contact us for your support.

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