Supervision & IoT: the challenge of today's and tomorrow's IDs

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The advent of the digital age promises many advances, particularly for industry, health, and the residential and tertiary building sector. But if the digital revolution brings with it its own set of benefits, it requires increased monitoring of information systems. Connected objects are sources of new data to be collected, analyzed and monitored to ensure their proper functioning and optimize the user experience as proactively as possible.

The need for comprehensive supervision

The IoT will truly change the way some industries operate. While some connected devices will be produced to fit seamlessly into existing networks, others will be "homegrown" and more complex to interconnect.

With all these different devices, integration becomes a real challenge. It is essential that all connected objects are placed under the same "roof" so that they can be monitored with the greatest possible accuracy, with regard to the entire IT system architecture. The implementation of ahypervision is essential.

IoT will probably be the biggest challenge for network administrators since the advent of cloud services and the rise of BYOD (bring your own devices) in the enterprise. IT managers will need to be both patient and flexible to meet the challenge of monitoring a network of connected devices.

New threats to IS security

Hackers are becoming more and more creative and therefore dangerous for IT departments. Anything with an IP address is susceptible to hacking, and the advent of the Internet of Things broadens the spectrum of threatsThis makes the work of the DIs even more complex.

It's both very exciting and worrying: with the Internet of Things, there seems to be no such thing as a "one stop shop", no limit to what can be connected. In terms of monitoring, this creates challenges that can be solved by developing new sensors and customized reports. This is particularly interesting in industrial environments, where data extracted from equipment can be used to optimize production processes.

ServiceNav Monitoring, a scalable monitoring software

The computer monitoring software ServiceNav Monitoring has been developed on the basis of a scalable architecture in order to meet the challenge of multiplication of connected objects and their essential supervision. More and more complex systems will emerge, to detect failures, update themselves and reconfigure themselves automatically. Simulations will be needed to create efficient systems.

ServiceNav Monitoring's objectives are to reduce the operating and maintenance costs of connected equipment and to provide readable data, via dashboards, to optimize the availability of business processes.

This revolution may be in its infancy, but it is essential to start planning for the future of IDs today. Integration of connected objects with existing IT infrastructure must be thought out in advance. The data collected via these different machines must be added to the central IT system so that it can be processed, displayed in a readable and useful way, and thus become a basis for workers. The supervision of connected objects, such as complex industrial machines, is not so far from the supervision of networked devices - the main thing is to obtain relevant data that can be analysed and used to achieve a goal (productivity, performance...).

In addition to the need to continue to monitor all devices, virtual machines and cloud-based applications, IoT has given birth to a new era of monitoring (Monitoring 4.0). The amount of data that can and should be monitored is constantly increasing. Due to the heterogeneous nature of the objects and applications, which we cannot even imagine today, it will be difficult to have a ready-made solution that covers all possible scenarios.

The application of custom sensors is a solution that many firms are already using. Based on feedback from our customers, we are constantly improving our monitoring software and developing new features so that they are able to monitor each "object" according to their needs and constraints.

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