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In order to respond to technological evolutions, ServiceNav answers the challenges of IT infrastructures, which are becoming more and more complex and extensive, and the performance challenges of applications that depend on software, hardware and network. This monitoring tool allows you to visualize this new generation of IT environments through a monitoring and alerting system, capable of making you more agile.
+ anticipation, + speed of diagnosis, + efficiency of action and - false positives: this is the winning equation of ServiceNAV


server monitoring

of servers

Regardless of your choice of infrastructure, all your servers are monitored within the same platform, thanks to a unified data collection in ServiceNav

  • Physical and virtual servers, on premise and in the cloud
  • VMware, HyperV Hypervisors
  • Major OS on the market: Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, AS400
  • Databases: Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Application processes and services
  • Cloud Services IaaS / PaaS Microsoft Azure, AWS

of network

A degradation of the network quality leads to a lack of productivity, which is why ServiceNav collects and alerts on a very wide range of issues.

  • Availability of network links
  • Bottleneck prevention: measuring bandwidth usage
  • Identification of consuming applications and users: Netflow monitoring
  • Network performance monitoring: integration with ACCEDIAN SkyLIGHT
network monitoring
application monitoring


Applications are at the heart of the organization, without them, it is impossible to produce! At the heart of the matter, application performance management.

  • Started application services and processes
  • Availability of communication ports between servers / services
  • Databases: MsSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Database access performance, long queries
  • Monitoring of data communications between applications (batch, continuous flow)
  • Availability of websites

Site monitoring and web applications

Digital technology is an increasingly important issue in companies, with the rise of e-commerce and the development of Web applications. Hence the importance of a supervision that also includes this monitoring.

  • Monitoring the availability of websites, collecting the performance of web page display 
  • Code-free integration with third-party products running application scenarios: ip-label, Itexis, Selenium 
  • Adding the result of the application scenarios to the ServiceNav weather
web application monitoring


Identification of priorities for action

ServiceNav defines different alert criteria, prioritizes them, to give you a clear view and intelligent notification.

  • Definition of alert thresholds
  • Building a weather forecast by service
  • Multi-criteria filtering in the dashboard
  • Notifications differentiated by object
  •  Visual alert system (color, picto ...)

multi-channel alerts

A system capable of embracing all modes of communication to inform you as you wish!

  • MMS
  • Email
  • Voice message
  • Push notification on the ServiceNav mobileApp
  • Escalating notifications
  • Teams, Slack
  • External syslog systems
multi-channel notification

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