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Telecommuting, the goal of availability 100%

Ensure the availability and performance of your telework IT services during the outbreak with ServiceNav!

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In the current exceptional circumstances related to the epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19, the government has launched a call for the mobilization of digital actors who could provide solutions and assistance to companies in the current health and economic context that we are going through. Because of COVID-19, telework environments are becoming a critical resource for organizations of all sizes. Coservit wishes to join this solidarity initiative: we propose during the duration of the epidemic a free subscription to ServiceNav SaaS, in order to allow CIOs, CTOs, production managers... to supervise their telework environments.
With access to ServiceNav SaaS, you have a complete monitoring platform for your teleworking IT environments, covering :
  • collecting health and usage information on technical components (access network, virtual desktop infrastructure, VDI infrastructure, VPN connection endpoints, SSL, etc.)
  • the production of indicators of availability and use of services
  • alerting you in case of overflow or failure
  • the distribution of dashboards to users in order to support your communication, which is even more crucial in these exceptional times

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