IT monitoring in the age of the cloud

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When an organization decides to take advantage of the many benefits of the cloud, whether it's a private, public, or hybrid solution, a sophisticated and effective IT monitoring platform is essential. Organizations need to monitor data hosted in separate centers, juxtaposing various physical and virtual computing resources. Applications must run continuously and be accessible at any time and from any location.

How do you set up infrastructure monitoring to ensure that cloud-run applications are working properly for customers?

The adoption of cloud resources has a real impact on an organization's ability to oversee equipment that is not located within its four walls. While the leverage of the cloud offers unparalleled access to scalability and flexibility, it also results in a loss of direct control and visibility. Simply measuring the availability of services in the cloud is not enough. The entire underlying infrastructure must be monitored to ensure that applications are running and performing.

Leveraging the cloud without losing visibility

The majority of companies choose to rely on a hybrid cloud Some of their applications are hosted in a public cloud, while others remain on internally managed servers and are delivered via the company network. The performance of externally hosted applications and those hosted in their own data centers must be monitored.

The main challenge for CIOs is tocombine existing and new cloud infrastructure. A sophisticated monitoring platform is required. This monitoring solution must be able to combine metrics collected via the cloud platform API with the existing infrastructure collecting metrics via SNMP and other standard protocols.

Traditional tracking tools are often unable to give teams the visibility they need into infrastructures they don't own or don't have complete administrative control over.

The end-user experience

No matter where they are hosted, the end user expects a positive and seamless experience with the applications they use. Monitoring provides significant value to the enterprise when it allows the end user to know exactly what they are experiencing when using an application hosted in the cloud.

It is essential to have a platform that can collect data from the cloud and normalize it for integration into the "traditional" metrics stream. The right monitoring platform will process data from the cloud in the same way it processes data from other sources. CIOs can monitor, alert, and report on this data, regardless of its source. When data from all objects and devices is unified - whether it's in the data center or in the cloud - you get complete visibility into the network and applications.

The computer monitoring software ServiceNav Monitoring offers a optimal visibility of all layers of the information system, whether it's networks, servers, storage, applications or cloud services. A intuitive, customizable and scalable solutionwhich adapts to the needs, requirements and constraints of each company.

Our expert and passionate team will help you configure and deploy this monitoring solution to ensure the continuous operation and performance of your cloud and non-cloud hosted services and applications. Real-time, end-to-end monitoring allows for informed and educated decisions across the entire infrastructure.

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