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Coservit wishes you all the best for 2018!

We often tend to focus on the future, sometimes forgetting the path we have taken.

Already immersed in the 2018 challenges, the ServiceNav team wanted to share with you some figuresThis is a testimony to our commitment to constantly improve our products and the quality of our services in an increasingly demanding environment.

If you are more of a future-oriented person, you will find our roadmap 2018 later in this article.

IT monitoring with ServiceNav in 2017 - some figures


Roadmap 2018: optimized IT management

Here are the areas that are important to you, and that we plan to work on in 2018 to move the ServiceNav IT monitoring softwareThe company has the flexibility to deal with the unexpected and seize opportunities as they arise, while at the same time maintaining a high level of agility.

  • Gain in productivity
    • DataViz (data visualization) / Redesign of dashboards: Modular and customizable interface (widgets)
    • Smart Alert
    • Evolution of maintenance: "extend" and "stop" functions, recurring maintenance
  • Enhance the value of the operating teams and win new customers
    • DataViz/Dashboard redesign: Modular and customizable interface (widgets)
  • Expand the field of possibilities: more customers, bigger customers, new business
    • High availability
    • Big Data Architecture: Scalability, Connected Objects
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Mass import capabilities: facilitate the migration of new customers

This roadmap is given as an indication and does not constitute a contractual commitment. It may be subject to change during the year.

ServiceNav: a value proposition in line with the challenges of tomorrow

Highlighted by the latest studies from prestigious consulting firms, the features the most requested for a computer supervision tool include :

  • ergonomic user interfacemodern and customizable
  • Strong scalability to prepare for the arrival of the IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Interoperability with other IS tools

All of these themes are already underway within ServiceNav, and we have yet to make the most of it.

Our 2018 roadmap, through the features it proposes (in particular the redesign of the dashboards and the BigData architecture), is fully integrated into this perspective, and supports a development of the product in line with market expectations.

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