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For a long time, the ISD was considered as a separate department within the company, relegated to a maintenance and technical support role. But at a time of major digital changes, the IT department is facing new challenges, and its organisation and the structuring of its various functions are undergoing profound changes.

IT experts: full-fledged players in the company's development

More than just a tool used to support employees, IT services are now a source of innovation and growth. The role of the IT department in the company has therefore gradually evolved towards that of a fully-fledged contact, with high added value and at the service of the business lines. Proof of the versatility of the professions involved in the operation, supervision and support of IT networks, their names are numerous and include a variety of qualifications.

The main missions of the ISD teams include in particular :

  • Infrastructure management (systems and networks): installation and commissioning of equipment, maintenance and supervision of the network and equipment, analysis of malfunctions and implementation of corrective measures.
  • The management of business applications: development and implementation of solutions that meet the needs of employees and businesses.
  • User support: training, assistance, etc.
  • Development of new tools and solutions.

The organisation of the IT department naturally varies according to the size and orientation of the company, but is now at the heart of its strategy by being a contact capable of proposing solutions adapted to the different problems and bringing innovation.

The IT supervision professions: at the heart of the IT Department

The proper functioning of a company's IT systems is now an essential element in its development, so the supervision professions operate at all levels:

  • Monitor the state of the network, infrastructure and machinery.
  • Monitor applications and business processes.
  • Report and alert on normal and abnormal computer system operations and propose solutions for improvement.

In addition to maintenance and repair in the event of service malfunctions, supervision experts (operating system administrator, network supervisor, systems engineer, support engineer, IT maintenance technician, etc.) must be in permanent contact with the rest of the business players involved in the operation, development and support of IT networks, and be a driving force for innovation.

The implementation of ever more innovative monitoring solutions allows monitoring experts to have an overview of their company's network and IT services and to make proposals for improvements thanks to precise reports that they can share with their employees.

At a time when the ISD must reinvent itself to meet the growing needs of the company in terms of innovation and competitiveness, effective and ongoing supervision makes it possible to mobilise more budget and skills on development and innovation projects.

Beyond supervision, an effective communication tool to manage and share service issues with operational managers.

IT is at the heart of the production of almost all services in a company. Availability has become a productivity issue, which creates tensions between operational and IT departments, always expecting higher availability. Cooperation and understanding of mutual issues is now an integral part of the CIO's missions.
Supervision, and in particular the simplified and visual reports that have been developed in recent years, provide access to factual communication that is more understandable for those responsible for operational services. By bringing them to an understanding of the system and the issues at stake, by showing them figures and facts, by giving them a better view of their IT equipment and the possible investments to be completed, operational managers can support IT issues to improve the company's productivity.
A complementary approach to IT supervision at the service of users and production.

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