The new challenges for MSPs related to public and hybrid clouds?

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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) first appeared in the 1990s to manage IT systems remotely. These entities have evolved enormously and are facing new challenges, especially with the emergence and expansion of the Cloud. Coservit sheds light on the subject.

In the 1990s, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) were created. These IT service companies manage their clients' IT systems remotely. Their primary mission is to limit and anticipate incidents that may affect their customers. They also have a role of advice to companies to improve their IS and thus make them more productive. Initially, MSPs focused on supervision and remote management of servers and networks. For several years now, their field of action has evolved. MSPs now also manage mobile devices and offer management services based on SaaS solutions, which allow for the supervision of distributed IS, including Public and hybrid clouds. And for this, some companies specialize in specific areas such as cybersecurity.

Satisfying customers is at the heart of the MSP business

To meet the needs in terms of supervision of distributed server environments, MSPs work with monitoring tools with intelligent interfaces. These tools allow them to always satisfy their customers thanks to a global vision of their activity and to be able to quickly answer their questions and concerns. Similarly, these tools such as ServiceNav of Coservit allow them toexchange relevant information quickly in real time with the right people. Indeed, by collecting and presenting important data, customer satisfaction increases. Now, with monitoring tools (including data from public and hybrid clouds), MSPs can go even further.

Adding value to reports

ServiceNav provides customized and fully customizable activity reports. This way, when your customers ask you for specific information, you will be able to give it to them quickly and help them improve their business/service. These supports are therefore excellent bases to bring a added value to your services of services. One example is the " service weather "ServiceNav provides real-time availability information for enterprise applications, private/public cloud, etc. With ServiceNav it is also possible to measure the performance of all your customers and to provide information on the businesses thanks to the various dashboards.

Develop new managed service offerings

To take customer satisfaction and service offering up a notch, ServiceNav allows you to analyse all the fundamental metrics for your customers and thus offer them new managed services. In addition to supporting your customers, you meet future needs that they were not yet aware of. Thanks to the various performance and consumption reports, you are able to propose solutions to increase your customers' business and make them save money, in particular by reducing the costs of technical interventions, but also by anticipating and avoiding malfunctions and unavailability of the IS with a consequent increase in the availability of business applications, customer satisfaction and therefore the company's performance.

ServiceNav, a proactive approach to IT monitoring

The ServiceNav solution provides a global and optimal vision of all the layers of the information system: networks, servers, storage, applications, Cloud services... Each actor is warned in real time of possible problems related to his field of activity. Thus, the transmission of relevant information is fully automated and customizable according to the company's needs. Thanks to this intelligent solution, MSPs can offer high quality services to their clients and save time in their daily work. ServiceNav is therefore an indispensable tool for proactive monitoring.

Would you like to know more about our ServiceNav global monitoring solution? Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts who will be able to answer all your questions.

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