Supervision: A Proposed Roadmap for Choosing the Right Tool - Part 2

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We have seen in our previous article the problematic and methodology around the choice of tool(s) for supervision.

Let's see how to implement this with a concrete case and the ServiceNav approach

A concrete case

To illustrate our point, let's start with a practical case: a French commercial company with about 3,000 users spread over a dozen network sites, hosting its information system in a hybrid Cloud on about 1,500 virtual machines (office automation and messaging at Microsoft, a CAPM business application accessible via fat clients from each site, and an e-commerce Web application developed and maintained by the R&D team on the basis of Microsoft Azure PaaS objects.

The supervision is ensured by an Open Source software. The two employees in charge of the configuration have just left the company, 20% of the 3000 controls are not in optimal state. No availability indicator is published.

The company is currently in the process of renewing its ISO 9001 certification.

The evaluation of an APM software is in its final phase. At the same time, the network team has just completed a model for collecting and analyzing system and security logs with an open source SIEM tool. Finally, the person in charge of the CAPM application was seduced by the promises made during a webinar on a scenario recording tool.

The information system is evolving with the implementation of Citrix virtual desktop technology at all sites. The IT department estimates that the totality of the collection will represent a desire to have an overall and correlated view of these indicators. These technical indicators will need to be maintained.

The IT department decided on the following approach.

First, the data collection on all layers and a restitution both technical and business hardware, network, system and middleware, databases and applications, health status and metrics on IaaS instances and PaaS objects. The tool was selected on the basis of the relevance and importance of the monitoring catalogue, the choice of a publisher to perpetuate the roadmap, the software's openness, its ergonomics and its ease of configuration and migration from the open source configuration. Thus, the company was able to produce availability KPIs, and immediately secure the collection perimeter.

The choice of a SaaS editor was made in order to allow the teams to focus on the business of operations, and not on the version upgrades of the supervision application, nor on its availability.

Then, it was decided to integrate the supervision with the ticket management tool: the traceability of the changes on the information system was achieved, the faulty points of the information system identified and corrected.

The IT department and R&D then decided to implement, in a DevOps logic, the automation of the deployment, monitoring and deletion of all environments, based on the CMDB of an ITSM and the Web Services proposed by the monitoring tool.

Finally, the e-commerce Web application was instrumented using a market APM tool. A SIEM tool was implemented to enhance the capabilities of collecting and exploiting security logs in real time. The main APM and SIEM indicators are fed back into the monitoring tool and enrich the correlation diagram, allowing a quick diagnosis between a network, system or application problem, or a security problem.

These application bricks work in a complementary manner. The supervision tool collects all the data, correlates and calculates the indicators presented to the management committee, and produces the dashboards for use or communication purposes.

ServiceNav - the approach

Through this case study, we wanted to describe the positioning of the ServiceNav product within a monitoring roadmap: optimized migration from Open Source solutions based on Nagios, a multi-technology catalogue with more than 1,500 models, an innovative Big Data SaaS offering, service weather, dashboards with Dataviz functionalities, multiple connectors to APM applications, ticketing, and scenario execution.

And above all, the passion and desire of our teams to serve our customers and partners.

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