The unified view of services for the CIO: a guarantee of efficiency

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In the age of digital transformation within the enterprise, CIOs are facing new challenges in monitoring IT services. There are many solutions available for hosting enterprise data, but which one to choose and how to properly and efficiently tailor service monitoring to enable seamless use for users?

The new challenges for CIOs in IT service supervision

The cloud brings many benefits, but it can make it difficult for CIOs to manage data that is hosted outside the company. The hybrid cloud, which combines external and internal hosting, can appear to be an effective solution, especially when the company wants to keep the management of its most sensitive data. However, this multiplication of infrastructures and monitoring tools can become a real headache for the CIO who must ensure smooth operation for the end user.

ServiceNav: a single platform for increased efficiency in the supervision of all IT services in the company

The CIO role must go beyond simply monitoring the operation of services. It must have an overview of the state of the entire underlying infrastructure to ensure the proper functioning of applications. Having a single solution that gives the CIO a real-time, at-a-glance view of the status of all of his or her services saves both time and efficiency in his or her daily IT monitoring tasks.
With ServiceNav, Coservit offers CIOs a solution that effectively integrates the various media used by the company. Thanks to this solution, the CIO has one click access to all the information needed to efficiently supervise his IT services. No longer having to go through several interfaces to monitor the different systems used, the CIO saves precious time and can mobilize his resources to focus on the added value provided by ServiceNav.

  • An intuitive, customizable and scalable solution that adapts to the needs, requirements and constraints of each company.

The supervision software ServiceNav IT provides optimal visibility into all layers of the information system, including networks, servers, storage, applications and cloud services.

  •  Real-time, end-to-end monitoring to make informed, evidence-based decisions across the entire infrastructure.

Our expert and passionate team will help you configure and deploy this monitoring solution to ensure the continuous operation and performance of your services and applications, whether hosted or not in the cloud.

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