Collecting data is a first step in the process of transforming the monitoring of your industrial processes. Having state of the art reporting and analysis capabilities will allow your IT and technical teams to unite around the performance of your processes: service weather, operation dashboards, process architecture maps, forecasted statuses, are just some of the possibilities of the ServiceNav platform.

Let's talk about IoT Whether your organization produces consumer goods, or capital goods, the success of your organization depends on the smooth functioning of your machinery, increasingly interconnected with your information system. How to monitor these heterogeneous elements? At what level? Centralized Technical Management (CTM) or IT supervision? How to measure the performance of your production processes? How to monitor the security of networks and guarantee the security of the collection of supervision data?

ServiceNav is involved in all facets of monitoring, reporting and analysis. Thanks to the extensive service model catalogue, the integration possibilities with BMS systems, its secure collection architecture, and the unique capability of the ServiceNav BigData architecture for storing and processing unlimited amounts of data in real time, you have a platform that is already ready for the challenges of tomorrow's IT-IoT monitoring convergence.

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