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The ServiceNav monitoring platform will fully adapt to your organisation: its multi-site model gives a true picture of the reality of your information system, the geolocalised maps show the status of a site at a glance. In a word, your teams are focused on the priorities of action!

At the heart of the transformation process of human societies and their organisation, you must meet the new expectations of the public in a context of forced digitalisation, increasing complexity of regulations and budgetary excellence. Your application portfolio already reflects this: several hundred applications, various technologies, multiple integrations. As close as possible to the territories, sometimes as an operator, you must ensure the performance and availability of access networks.

ServiceNav at the Microsoft LAB: the meeting place for the public sector

Feedback from the Departmental Councils

In response to the richness of your application park, with the ServiceNav catalogue of service models, associated with the possibilities of the census module, and the import/export functions, quickly and effortlessly implement an exhaustive and relevant technical supervision. In a second step, co-construct the service weather forecasts with the application managers and distribute the dashboards to the business users.

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