ServiceNav's unique multi-tenant, multi-site model allows you to segment your information system by geographical area or store. Each user in a zone has a detailed view of the local information system, and a synthetic view of the IT services he uses on a daily basis. In a mobile situation, the user has permanent access to the service weather, at his fingertips, thanks to the ServiceNav! mobile app.

The network plays a major role in the architecture of your information system. With ServiceNav, monitor its availability, its level of use. Thanks to the Netflow functionalities, determine which workstations consume the most and which applications are the most demanding. With Dataviz dashboards, analyze at a glance the health and performance of your information system. With the performance and availability analytical reports, you have ready-to-use tools with which you can manage service contracts and identify the necessary investments in server, storage and network capacity.

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Why not consider moving to business process monitoring? The performance data of these processes is at your fingertips, and thanks to ServiceNav's generic multi-technology database query templates, it has never been easier to produce business indicators: sales per point of sale, work in progress, stock levels... With ServiceNav's advanced notification, you are notified in case of deviation from the expected behaviour of these processes. With the DataViz module, and the DashLink functionality, the production and distribution of business dashboards becomes a reality!

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