With the ServiceNav next-generation monitoring platform, you can describe the architecture of each key application of your IS, as well as the interactions between applications. You distribute this rich information to audiences that are traditionally far from IT production, and you unite all of your teams around reflections on the evolution of your IS, with the aim of improving performance and supporting your organisation's business processes.

Your business depends heavily on your ability to monitor the performance of your business processes. These processes are complex, whether your organization is involved in logistics, real estate or financial activities. Your context is highly digitalized: you depend heavily on information exchanges between internal applications, and with your partners and suppliers in the value chain. These exchanges require constant monitoring at all levels (hardware, software, applications, data flows, automatic processing). The ServiceNav service model catalogue opens up collection possibilities allowing you to gather, in a single tool, all relevant data on the health and performance of your IS.

At the same time, you feel the need to map the impacts, and synthesize your IS. Thanks to the service weather forecast, break down a complex application into impacting elements, whose availability must absolutely be guaranteed, and secondary elements, which you will deal with in a second phase. Prioritize actions to treat alerts.

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