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with ServiceNav deployment and configuration

Infrastructure, network, application, cloud, with a single platform, you monitor your system. The catalog of more than 1500 service templates is ready to use. Deploy the ServiceNav Box in less than 15 minutes, automatically discover the devices present on your network. No impact on your IT: ServiceNav uses no agents, and exploits the certified APIs of the products. Familiar with Nagios? reuse your collection programs and extend the possibilities of ServiceNav. Thousands of devices to integrate? use the configuration import features.

The single
SaaS platform that monitors the availability and performance of your IT

Build your operating dashboards according to your action priorities. Benefit from a unique view of the health of IT services or business applications thanks to a familiar analogy with weather forecasts: you accelerate your diagnosis. Its multiple notification possibilities alert you in case of service degradation or disruption. On mobility or on-call? with the mobile application ServiceNav, you keep your IT at hand.

Your centralised
, integrated
operational tool

The intuitive user interface produces relevant and actionable information from the data collected on the different components of the IT infrastructure. From dashboards, service weather, maps, ensure the traceability of operational actions: create or acknowledge tickets, keep a history on tickets associated with alerts, plan maintenance, anticipate failures or capacity incidents. From the interface, or using the ServiceNav APIs.
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and performance
status of IT services visible at all times.

With Dataviz, build multiple perspectives of your information system. Depending on your communication policy, distribute your dashboards to external applications, without code. ServiceNav performance analysis transforms raw data from technical supervision into relevant management information. In addition to providing information on compliance with service levels (SLAs) and availability, custom reports also identify capacity problems and recurring incidents, to facilitate the planning and investment decision-making process.

A BigData
platform with business critical analysis capabilities.

AIOps monitoring platform combining multiple data source collection, big data architecture, machine learning and unified interface, ServiceNav offers a unique experience to users of IT production, and consumers of IT services. The analytical scenarios we build have only one goal: to help you grow your business and make it more agile.

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Simple and ergonomic monitoring software

Manage Service Provider for ESNs

Manage Service Provider for ESNs

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Public Institutions

Public Institutions

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Over 2000 connectors

available with our partners

ServiceNav provides optimal visibility, by providing real-time metrics, across all layers of the information system. Control points are automatically detected by the agent-free installation and presented on a visual logic map.


ServiceNav est une application de supervision adaptée à tous les SI

ServiceNav provides optimal visibility, by providing real-time metrics, across all layers of the information system. Control points are automatically detected by the agent-free installation and presented on a visual logic map.

Made to measure

Nous vous aidons à créer votre propre interface de monitoring

Multi tenant

La seule application adapté à la gestion de plusieurs clients pour les MSP

SAAS mode

Work in the cloud for increased agility


The mobile application allows you to keep track of your IT at all times


ServiceNav connects to ticketing and CRM software to blend in with your IS


Supervision software capable of following your development
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For more than 15 years, we have been helping companies with their IT transformation

Notre objectif : rendre simple et essentielle la supervision des systèmes d’information, sur tous ses aspects : déploiement, configuration, exploitation technique, production des rapports.

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Easy to set up and use thanks to our experts who offer you complete documentation and pre-configured weather forecasts throughout the product cycle. 


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While the epidemic lasts, ensure the availability and performance of your IT services for teleworking, with ServiceNav!

Following the government's call to mobilize to help businesses overcome the current health and economic context, we help you, free of charge, to ensure the complete monitoring of your teleworking environments: VPN, VDI, Teams, Skype Enterprise, Citrix... Objectives: collection, availability and usage indicators, dashboards to support your communication.
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