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The purpose of an operational instruction is to specify the actions to be carried out on an information system when an event occurs under supervision.

Many companies outsource their support centre or wish to delegate certain level 1 or even level 2 operations.

It is therefore necessary to prepare technical files for the operation of its IS to enable teams (internal or external) to apply the correct instructions.

With ServiceNav, it is possible to assign an operational setpoint for each supervised element.

Setting up setpoints in ServiceNav

The complete documentation is available by following this link =>

       It is also possible to add the setpoints directly in the models.

The instructions are visible:

  • In the notification e-mail received : In the body of the notification message, the log field with a URL link or log text.
  • In technical operations or in its ServiceNav dashboards.

Setpoint types are defined as :

  • A URL link:
  • A text:
      The pictogram changes according to the type of setpoint.

Use case - Service restart instruction

Objective: Customer X outsources its Windows application server operations to partner Y.

The technical file provides the partner with a URL to restart the IIS and SQL services.

The instruction is as follows:

  • Login to ServiceNav
  • Acknowledge in supervision the checkpoint
  • Connecting to the server using the client VPN
  • Restart the IIS / SQL service
  • Check in supervision whether the control is operational again
  • In case of a problem, transfer the incident to level 2 of the client.

Using ServiceNav, the customer has put the IIS and SQL services of its Windows application servers under supervision. He set up the instructions and sent email alerts to his partner when one of the services went into critical state.

Upon receipt of the alert, the partner clicks on the referral URL link and will then follow the full procedure to allow him to restart the service(s).

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