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Lost under the mass of alerts and data collected, many CIOs and other IT managers find themselves overwhelmed, not knowing how to manage this flow and prioritize it. How identify false positives and real threats ?

Security is the priority of many IT managers around the world. But the ever-increasing volume of data being collected makes this task difficult. Rigorous organization is essential to be able to anticipate threats. Fortunately, more and more sophisticated tools are being developed to help IT managers.

ServiceNav, a solution to manage security alerts

In order to optimise and simplify as much as possible this necessary IT supervision, Coservit has developed ServiceNav Monitoring. This solution facilitates and prioritizes tasks. ServiceNav Monitoring, like many other services, does not just list problems that IT managers are left to deal with on their own. Our solution has the serious advantage that it takes into account the context and prioritize alerts according to their impact on the user.

Automatic alerts help to quickly identify problems and provide better service to customers and employees alike. They save valuable time compared to continuous manual data analysis.

However, it is important to ask the right questions when faced with an IT monitoring alert. Is it a real problem? If so, does it require special attention? Is it an urgent problem? Indeed, not all malfunctions are urgent problems that cannot wait to be dealt with. It is essential to define upstream which systems are critical and which are not. Qualify safety events and assign a severity rating to them.

Then make sure that alerts for the most important services are more sensitive than others.

The health status of your IT services in real time

Our IT monitoring solution ServiceNav Monitoring goes further than traditional solutions by offering you an IT services weather forecast in order to measure its availability and performance. An easy-to-use interface makes it simple to configure the supervision of your IT services. The intuitive and flexible dashboard offers the possibility to filter malfunctions and send the right information and alerts to the right person(s).

It is important to do a differentiation between blocking and degrading relationships for a user service. ServiceNav Monitoring is based on service thresholds to alert you in real time before the problem becomes critical and allow you to intervene proactively.

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While the epidemic lasts, ensure the availability and performance of your IT services for teleworking, with ServiceNav!

Following the government's call to mobilize to help businesses overcome the current health and economic context, we help you, free of charge, to ensure the complete monitoring of your teleworking environments: VPN, VDI, Teams, Skype Enterprise, Citrix... Objectives: collection, availability and usage indicators, dashboards to support your communication.
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