What are the advantages of SaaS?

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Software as a service or software as a service (SaaS) enables a company to outsource part of its IT services and applications (messaging, calendars, etc.) to the external servers of a provider offering this type of service. The SaaS mode is one of the pillars of Cloud Computing and is becoming increasingly successful thanks to the many advantages it brings to companies, whatever their size.

Budget savings and optimized cost control

By relying on SaaS mode, a company makes significant budget savings. Thanks to the use of external servers, the company no longer needs to invest in hardware, such as servers that are often very expensive to purchase and require significant maintenance. Indeed, the supplier ensures itself of the proper functioning of its equipment. This is a big advantage, especially for small companies that

do not necessarily have the necessary in-house expertise or equipment.

Suppliers offer subscription formulas that can be adapted to the needs and size of the company. This usually includes the cost of software licenses and infrastructure maintenance. This allows the company to control its IT outsourcing costs in advance.

SaaS also makes it possible to relieve the IT department, which can then redeploy its teams in order to focus on innovation and development projects serving the company's specific business lines.

High scalability

SaaS grows as the company grows and the packages offered are easily adapted to its needs. By adjusting its subscription with its supplier, the company can easily manage the increase in the number of employees without difficulty or slowing down, as possible peaks in activity could slow down data exchanges, etc.

A regular upgrade

The suppliers themselves take care of the implementation of software and hardware updates and the necessary patches. The ISD thus saves precious time by delegating these often time-consuming and skill-intensive tasks.

Easy accessibility

SaaS adapts very well to the new ways of working that favour employee mobility and teleworking. The Cloud allows access to services and applications stored on outsourced servers from any machine, thanks to a simple Internet connection.

Security guarantees

SaaS providers themselves ensure the security of their servers and hosted data for their customers. In addition, many monitoring solutions integrate SaaS and allow the company's IT department to ensure the proper functioning of their services and applications stored on the Cloud.

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