What is computer hypervision?

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Are you familiar with IT supervision and what it involves in a company? But are you familiar with computer hypervision and do you know how it differs from supervision while complementing it? As its name indicates, this tool, called hypervision, hypervisor or high leveloffers a higher level view, allowing the monitoring of the entire architecture of its computer system.

From supervision to hypervision

Hypervision was made necessary by the multiplication of supervision sources. Some companies have several monitoring tools to manage the various components of their I.S. (network, servers, databases, mainframes, etc.). These tools provide them with all kinds of data that they must then correlate and analyze. A difficult and time-consuming task. In addition, companies have data in the public cloud as well as in their private cloud. Each provider produces performance indicators through different monitoring consoles.

Hypervision consists of bringing together the data from these different supervisory systems in order to process them together and in the same way. The pilot thus benefits from a overview of systems and subsystems and no longer has to focus on multiple consoles. This makes monitoring much easier and with it the collection of performance and availability indicators for IT and business services.

Hypervision according to ServiceNav Monitoring

ServiceNav Monitoring is a hypervision software that allows you to supervise your entire computer park in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. Servicenav Monitoring is able to show on a single dashboard the current state and availability of application user services in a hybrid cloud. ServiceNav Monitoring's APIs and Web Services can be interfaced with CAPM and ticketing tools: Pytheas, GLPI, EasyVista, Mismo Atheneo, ServiceNow, iTOP.

This solution saves precious time, allows you to better analyze, understand and process data and to be proactive in order to avoid malfunctions that can have serious impacts on the business.

The user finds, on a very intuitive interface, information collected via the different components of the IT infrastructure and the different tools. Thanks to the service weather provided by ServiceNav Monitoring, he can measure these impacts and better prioritize tasks.

Hypervision for customer satisfaction

Hypervision allows technical teams to focus on solving critical customer problems. Problems are no longer solved in a curative way but in a preventive way.

ServiceNav Monitoring simplifies service level monitoring. While monitoring is limited to hardware components, application performance or resource utilization, it is actually the availability of services that matters most to customers.

With the advent of hypervisor, which centralizes information, identifies incidents and their impacts, analyzes them and allows all indicators to be tracked on a single console, it is no longer just a matter of providing a mass of data and problems to be solved. It's about identifying the real priorities based on the impact they will have on IT departments and customers.Request a demonstration of the ServiceNav software

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