Why and how to monitor application availability and performance?

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Because business processes are becoming increasingly digital, companies today have no choice but to give ever greater importance to performance of their IT systems. Their focus is on the end-user experience. For this experience to be optimal, CIOs need to be proactive in dealing with business application malfunctions and slowdowns.

Application supervision

Application Performance Management, or application monitoring, is then essential to verify the availability of services through application testing. Metrics, RAM, CPU, physical and virtual servers ... Of course, it is important to supervise the hardware components and make sure that the machine is running. But you have to go beyond that and monitor databases, applications, through user simulations in particular.

The IT supervision software ServiceNav Monitoring enables test the performance of the application layers through metrics provided in real time on more than 1,000 control point models for networks, servers, storage, cloud services and applications.

It is thus possible to simulate application availability and performance for the user, by measuring the average response time as a function of the load on the application system (load test, network response time, time taken to process a request on the servers, user response time, etc.).

This supervision makes it possible to effectively control the quality of the user experience and optimize it accordingly.

Identifying and tracing incidents

The ServiceNav Monitoring dashboard informs you in real time about application performance. In the event of a problem related to a software or its environment (network, database...), the component causing the problem is identified. The impact of the incident is then measured (criticality, number of users impacted, duration of unavailability of a service) and the service concerned is alerted.

ServiceNav Monitoring is distinguished by its IT Weather to monitor the health status of the services. Its intuitive dashboard aggregates service level indicators and identifies priorities based on their actual impact. This softwarehypervision allows IS to focus on the user experience, and optimisation of the quality of services rather than on correcting critical situations that they can now proactively manage.

For all information about the ServiceNav Monitoring computer supervision software, contact the Coservit team which will help you to implement the solution best suited to your company's needs.

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