Why implement a ServiceNav BOX in your Amazon Web Services environment?

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If you host your IT on AWS in IAAS mode, ServiceNav is complementary to the monitoring tools offered by AWS thanks to our application monitoring modules and service weather reports. Our ServiceNav BOX are AWS compatible and can be implemented in your IAAS AWS environment.

By implementing an SNB in your AWS environment, you will be able to retrieve the relevant metrics needed to build your service weather. In a simple way, your SNB collects and feeds this information back to the ServiceNav monitoring platform for provisioning. Once the indicators are available, you can aggregate this data to build your service weather.

How to implement it?

Implementing your ServiceNav BOX is quick and easy thanks to our procedure for importing a ServiceNav Box into Amazon Web Services - AWS, which explains the different import steps step by step:

Next step

If you consume PAAS services from AWS, in the same way as for an IAAS environment, ServiceNav can also collect PAAS service indicators from a ServiceNav BOX external to your AWS environment and send this information back to the monitoring platform to enable the implementation of a service weather report.

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