Why interface an ITSM tool to ServiceNav?

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More and more companies are choosing to add an ITSM tool to their monitoring interface. But why? Why is an ITSM (IT Service Management) necessary for some companies, especially those with a support activity such as internal or external helpdesks and other call centers?

Better efficiency of support services, better ticket management, a response better adapted to the expectations of increasingly connected customers... Enriching the supervision solution ServiceNav of an ITSM tool has many advantages.

What is the purpose of an ITSM tool?

An ITSM allows, on the one hand, to follow the support activity and thus to allow technicians to manage incident tickets more simply, quickly and efficiently, but also to store in a database all the information on the hardware and software deployed. Thus, when an incident is declared by a user, its hardware and software configuration is attached to the ticket, which makes it possible to better identify the problems and potentially link them to such or such hardware/software.

This type of tool is based on a ITIL frameworkwhich is a grouping of good practices in information system managementfrom the organization of the information system to the means of reducing risks, through the improvement of the efficiency of the IS and of the services quality.

The use of an ITSM tool has become essential for support companies whose customers are increasingly demanding. It can be deployed internally or used on external virtualized platforms (SaaS).

The added value of an ITSM tool integrated with ServiceNav

The ServiceNav monitoring software is constantly evolving since its creation and allows interconnection with a whole range of ITSM tools, in particular the open-source solution GLPi (Free IT Asset Manager) or Easyvista, Pytheas, Itop,...

The ITSM tool allows to make an inventory of the software and hardware resources but also to manage all the actions of the helpdesk (incident reporting, classification, prioritization, evolution request, follow-up, etc.). With real-time feedback from ITSM to ServiceNav, ServiceNav's offer is extended to include a precise follow-up of each incident. ServiceNav makes it possible to identify hardware and software infrastructures with recurring problems and to propose appropriate treatments.

Interfacing exists in both SaaS and OnPremise modes, the creation of tickets - whose status can be read - in a semi-automatic or even automatic way is possible from ServiceNav to the ITSM tool.

Integrating an ITSM tool into its supervision tool is part of a process aimed at combine resources and capabilities to deliver real value to customers.

Adding an ITSM tool such as GLPi to ServiceNav means benefiting from numerous functionalities offering significant advantages for a company. Among them:
- A reduction in costs
- Optimization of resources
- Rigorous license management
- Greater user satisfaction
- Increased safety

This type of solution is very easy to integrate with ServiceNav monitoring software. It can be put into production immediately.

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