Why monitor an Office365 environment?

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Florian Mattes
Product Manager ServiceNav

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Full-SaaS application environments such as Office365 can sometimes question the user about the value of monitoring.

The reasoning is then as follows: "In case of breakdown/unavailability, I do not have the hand to unblock the situation. So why supervise? 

This approach is inaccurate, and we will demonstrate that.

Supervision of an Office365 environment is useful and necessary in many ways in a mature and proactive organization.

Monitor usage indicators

Use case: I want to measure the usage of my licenses, mailboxes, and other O365 components, in order to anticipate upgrade/downgrade needs, and adjust my costs by deactivating for example unused mailboxes or excess licenses.

Some service models to help you:

  • Teams Activity: MS-Office365-Teams-UserActivity / MS-Office365-Teams-ConferencesUsage / MS-Office365-Teams-P2PUsage
  • Exchange Boxes Activity: MS-Office365-Exchange-MailboxesActivity / MS-Office365-Exchange-InactiveMailboxes
  • License usage: check_office365_licenses

You can also use our service model dedicated to generic querying of any 0365 metric, depending on your monitoring needs: Office365-Generic

Follow through on commitments & improve service quality

Use case: I have contracted service level agreements (SLAs) with my customers/users, so I have to follow them within ServiceNav. These services depend in part on my 0365 environment.

A degradation or unavailability of this environment must have an impact on the SLA, and be known as soon as possible at my level, so that I can communicate to the users via the weather services, the mail channel or any other means, and eventually climbing to supplier support, without waiting for user feedback from my helpdesk.

I can also provide a proactive alert service to my users in the event of a mailbox quota being reached, and thus enhance the value of a quota increase or help on how to set up an archiving policy.

Some service models to help you:

  • Health/Status of Services: MS-Office365-Status
  • Mailbox saturation (quota) : check_o365exchange_mailboxquota

You can also use our service model dedicated to generic querying of any 0365 metric, depending on your monitoring needs: Office365-Generic

Find all of our service models in the Plugin catalog.

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